Utility mounting rail

Utility mounting rail
for music synthesizers.


This is a 6 inch long universal mounting board. When snapped in two, lengthwise, it can be used to mount smaller PCBs to CGS91 rails on a standard Serge-style panel. It can also be used to mount 6 pots, LEDS, etc. at 1 inch spacing. Small matrix areas allow for "flying" panel components to be given a sturdy mounting place.


Before you start assembly, check the board for etching faults. Look for any shorts between tracks, or open circuits due to over etching. Take this opportunity to sand the edges of the board if needed, removing any splinters or rough edges. This will most-likely be the case if you have split the board in two along the V-groove.

To split the rail into two narrower rails, gently flex the board along the v-groove, working from top to bottom. After doing this a few times, the boards will separate.


  • PCB info: 6" x 1" with 3mm mounting holes 0.15" in from the edges, and spaced appropriately for the mounting of other CGS boards.
  • Please e-mail me if you find any errors.

3mm nuts/bolts/spacersas required

Parts list

This is a guide only. Parts needed will vary with individual constructor's needs.

If anyone is interested in buying these boards, please check the PCBs for Sale page to see if I have any in stock.

Can't find the parts? See the parts FAQ to see if I've already answered the question. Also see the CGS Synth discussion group.


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